Servodriven injection molding machine promises lower energy consumption than standard hybrids

A three-phase induction motor and a variable-capacity piston pump allow a new series of injection molding machines to reportedly consume less energy than hybrid systems, and up to 40% less power than conventional hydraulic systems. Mitsubishi's MMX Series feature what the company calls the Smart Hybrid Hydraulic System wherein a highly responsive servomotor stabilizes hydraulic oil flow and pressure to save energy. In addition, the simplified piping configuration enables reduced maintenance and enclosed pumping cuts down on noise emissions.

The MMX features uniform 4-point 2-platen tiebar clamping, which Mitsubishi says allows it to tolerates unbalanced loads and offer the same reliability as much larger units. The two-platen design saves space, while allowing wider platens. The light, yet rigid platen design of the MMX incorporates MHI's analytic technologies. Linear rails support the bearing housing for more stable injection and low energy consumption. Hydraulic cylinders are positioned at both sides of the screw, reducing the injection unit's size.

For increased productivity, the MMX has fast mold open/close; ejector retraction/mold-close pressurization;  rapid ejector action; and a high capacity hydraulic core-pull pump, among other attributes. A long L/D-type UB screw results in energy-efficient kneading and plasticizing. An optional Super Mixing Screw is available to further enhance mixing performance.

The MMX is equipped with Mitsubishi's MAC-VIII+ Control Unit, including touch-screen navigation. Operators have ready access to processing information through a variety of displays, including cycle process, alarm and NG. The MMX Series is available in models ranging from 1200 to 3900 tons.

Mitsubishi MMX injection molding machine

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