Short-glass PP is long on performance

Superior creep resistance at room temperature and comparable creep resistance at elevated temperatures when compared to long-glass-filled PP. That's the claim for a new polypropylene grade that gets its reinforcement from short glass fibers.

Automotive is one of the many applications targeted by the short-glass-fiber-reinforced compound.

Marketed by Asahi Kasei Plastics North America Inc. (Fowlerville, MI), Thermylene P8 build upon the strengths the supplier's PP portfolio, opening the door to applications traditionally specified in long-glass PP while providing the economical benefits of short-glass polypropylene. Thermylene P8 is optimized interfacial adhesion between matrix and reinforcement and to balance impact and strength. Available in varying glass levels and endless colors, Thermylene P8 can be used in automotive, electronics, furniture, bath and spa, building and construction, and any other plastic applications traditionally requiring long-fiber performance, according to the supplier.

Also noted as a key attribute by Faurecia Interior Systems in the launch of the 2009 Jeep Liberty SUV inner door module, Thermylene P8 has proven screw/torque retention. The material's uniqueness and Faurecia Interior Systems' ingenuity enabled the application (traditionally specified in long-glass PP) to be nominated for an SPE Automotive Innovation Award. Stephen Moore





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