Showstoppers of 2014: With Klear Can, what you see is what you get

A new multi-layer co-injection technology from Kortec Inc. allows the production of clear polypropylene (PP) cans for food packaging. The new packaging was introduced by Kortec, the innovative co-injection system supplier acquired earlier this year by Milacron, at Interpack 2014, in Düsseldorf, Germany. The stackable design features a three-layer plastic construction (PP outer and inner layers, with an EVOH barrier) for shelf life up to five years, is BPA free, and offers options for colored plastic cans, in-mold labels, or standard labels.

Additionally, Klear Can has been designed such that existing metal can-filling facilities can easily shift to the use of the plastic cans, with no need for investing in new downstream equipment.

The cans have been tested and approved for both retortability (up to 130°C/265°F) and the integrity of the double seam, which was designed to allow the plastic can’s flange to accept traditional (easy open and non-easy-open) metal can ends.

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