Silgan licenses Kortec’s multilayer thin-wall container technology

Silgan Plastics LLC has signed an agreement giving it exclusive rights to supply multilayer thin-wall containers utilizing Kortec (Ipswich, MA) technology throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Under terms of the agreement, Silgan has made purchase commitments and has agreed to promote Kortec multilayer technology in specific markets, including wet pet foods; fruit cups; and microwaveable cups, bowls, and trays for ready-to-eat soups, stews, and meals.

Headquartered in Chesterfield, MO, Silgan Plastics operates 22 production centers throughout North America. Kortec believes a player the size of Silgan throwing its weight behind the technology, which looks to supplant metal or glass in retorted and non-retorted applications, bodes well for its future. Paul Swenson, Kortec president and CEO, said, "They are a packaging industry leader and this agreement shows their confidence in the market potential of Kortec's new multi-layer thin-wall technology."

The technology also targets some thermoformed packaging, with Kortec saying that compared to that technology, it's injection molded solution offers faster line-fill speeds, better part-to-part consistency, longer product shelf life, and higher quality aesthetics. [email protected]



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