Six sexy, sustainable designs: Finch

August 24, 2015

One of the stars of the fifth edition of the Plasticidades: Plástico + Design exhibition in Rio de Janeiro, according to curator Magalhães, is "this incredible bikini made of recycled PET bottles."

The Gold Links string bikini is produced by Finch Designs, a company founded in Shanghai by two professionals from the fashion industry—one hailing from the United States, the other from the United Kingdom—who are dedicated to designing swimwear from recycled plastic bottles.

The swimsuit "shows us that recycling can be very creative and surprising, besides being crucial for the future of our planet," says Magalhães. Exhibition visitors have a hard time believing that the bikini is made of recycled PET bottles, she adds. People are constantly touching the bikini—which, presumably, is not being worn by a model at the time—and still find it unbelievable, recounts a member of the exhibition staff.

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Gold Links string


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