SLA resin approaches true thermoplastic performance

Rapid prototyping with SomosNeXt resin enables part designers to reproduce designs with an "unprecedented combination of stiffness and toughness which typically characterizes thermoplastics, yet with all of the high-feature detail, dimensional accuracy, and aesthetics offered by stereolithography."

Parts produced from SomosNeXt supplied by DSM Somos (Elgin, IL) are said to be ideal for use in functional testing applications as well as low-volume manufacturing applications where exceptional toughness is required. "This is a material you need to hold in your hand to fully appreciate," says DSM Somos marketing manager Vince Adams. "The stiffness/toughness combination produces a look and feel that is so like a thermoplastic, people are really surprised that it's actually [made using] stereolithography."

"Finished SomosNeXt parts perform like an engineered thermoplastic, which means our customers can depend on it for functional testing", says Don Portenga, sales engineer at rapid prototyping service bureau Eagle Design & Technology (Zealand, MI).

Applicable market segments for SomosNeXt include aerospace, automotive, consumer products and electronics. It is also highly compatible for producing functional end-use performance prototypes including snap-fit designs, impellers, duct work, connectors, electronic covers, automotive housings, dashboard assemblies, packaging and sporting goods."‑Stephen Moore



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