StackTeck announces plans to increase capacity

StackTeck (Brampton, ON) has announced it will invest more than $1.5 million in new machine tools in less than a year in order to increase capacity and improve lead times in its customers’ new product launches. StackTeck is a global supplier of multicavity injection molds including stack molds, molds for inmold labeling, packaging, and other markets. “We’re delighted to see our customers responding to the ever-increasing range of products and services that we are offering to the industry. We have been fortunate to grow with our customers and have been awarded several multi-mold programs,” says StackTeck’s president and CEO Randy Yakimishyn.

StackTeck recently installed a Hardinge hard turning lathe, enabling lead time reductions for some key mold components by as much as 20%, and reducing the number of manufacturing steps required. At the same time, new equipment is slated to arrive later this month to add to StackTeck’s high-speed milling capacity, which can cut steel to final dimensions for many precision mold components.

“In the central area of our manufacturing facility, we have created a new area for the hard turning process, and have made space to add several new machine tools,” Yakimishyn says.

In support of these capacity additions, new injection molding machines have been brought into StackTeck’s Technical Service Center. The Center now includes 11 test machines from 110-660 tons, to expand mold testing and system integration capabilities. According to Yakimishyn, “It’s a key priority to work with the top suppliers of injection molding machines. Our customers keep bringing us a consistently growing volume of mold business, and we are maintaining or improving our deliveries as we expand StackTeck’s capacity.” [email protected]

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