Steer’s Chinese purchase opens door to downstream markets

Indian compounding extruder manufacturer Steer Engineering (Bangalore) has maneuvered downstream in China through its acquisition of Zheng Feng (Nantong), a supplier of single-screw extrusion lines. Steer, founded in 1993, plans to leverage this acquisition to establish a position in direct in-line twin-screw extrusion of wood plastic composite (WPC) profiles and other products such as foamed sheet and long fiber reinforced profiles, with its compounding machines feeding in-line extruders made by Zheng Feng.

Steer managing director Babu Padmanabhan, right, says WPCs are being targeted in China.

Besides extruders, Steer also markets a software system called Outline for configuring extruder screws and barrels. The software can be used not only to configure the company’s co-rotating twin-screw extruders, but also other suppliers’ extruders. “The software incorporates a database of more than 400 extruders from 20 OEMs,” says Babu Padmanabhan, managing director of Steer and the company’s founder. At NPE2009 this June, Steer will unveil an online version of Outline. “This Internet-based version will operate on a pay-per-use basis,” says Padmanabhan.

In addition to extruders, Steer manufacturers all of the major components including gearboxes, and key peripherals such as volumetric or gravimetric feeders, screen changers, and pelletizers. [email protected]


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