Sturdy pipe gives bulldozer a lift

June 05, 2009

JM Eagle, the world’s largest manufacturer of plastic pipe, announced that its recently introduced internal joint restraint system for PVC pipe, Eagle Loc 900, passed a landmark strength test that involved lifting a 54,000-lb bulldozer.

Conducted outside the company’s Wharton, TX facility, the test used a 10-ft piece of 12-inch-diameter PVC pipe consisting of a 5-ft bell section and a 5-ft spigot section connected by the Eagle Loc 900. The joint restraint was then lifted with a chain that was attached to the bulldozer, which in turn was lifted off the ground by a crane. As the D7 dozer rose several feet and was suspended in the air for approximately 10 minutes, the Eagle Loc 900 connection remained unaffected despite the stress on the joint.

“While seeing the connection hold under such extreme stress was very impressive, the point of the exercise was to highlight the fact that Eagle Loc is one of the strongest restraints available,” said Neal Gordon, VP marketing for JM Eagle. “There can be no question now that Eagle Loc 900 is more than capable of handling construction needs across a range of applications, including direct-bury, restrained road bores, aerial crossings, and horizontal directional drill.” —[email protected]

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