Syscon-PlantStar and DPSI partner to provide total plant management solution

August 18, 2015

A new partnership between Syscon-PlantStar (South Bend, IN) and DPSI (Greensboro, NC) will allow Syscon-PlantStar to offer maintenance management solutions that complement its manufacturing execution systems, according to the company's latest release. "We've been looking for the ideal resource for our customers' preventive maintenance needs that can encompass the equipment monitored by PlantStar as well as their other plant assets," commented Gary Benedix, Vice President at PlantStar. "DPSI has met our criteria on all levels: They have a proven track record of over 25 years, their software is flexible and scalable and their products are competitively priced."

An additional benefit is the user-friendly integration between the two systems. "Even though both PlantStar and DPSI have multi-tiered software programs, the sharing of information will be seamless and intuitive," Benedix added.

In a plastics facility, for example, the PlantStar program will gather a machine's total run hours, the number of cycles on a mold/tool and downtime tracking by reason and pass it to the DPSI system for preventive maintenance planning.

"The ability to link real-time machine data with a preventive maintenance program offers huge benefits to manufacturers that want to stay competitive. Concepts like the industrial Internet and smart manufacturing are the new reality, and it doesn't have to be time consuming or cost prohibitive to gain plant-wide efficiencies," said Benedix. "We're pleased that the partnership between PlantStar and DPSI makes it possible."

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