Take the online 3D-printing challenge, and you could win an iPad mini

You can't 3D print an iPad mini—yet—but you could win one by taking the Stratasys 3D Printer Knowledge Challenge.

The online quiz is modeled after Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, with eight questions designed to plumb your knowledge of 3D-printing technology. Just like in the venerable TV game show, you must answer the questions correctly within an allotted amount of time to advance to the winner's circle. There are three hints you can use along the way. And if you don't ace the quiz this time, don't despair: You can try again next month, when eight new questions will be added.

Each month, the contestant who is ranked #1 on the scoreboard, which displays after you take the quiz, will win an iPad mini 2.

Ready? Then, fire up your lucky device and take the challenge.

The Stratasys 3D Printer Knowledge Challenge is sponsored by Stratasys, a global provider of 3D-printing technology, and is brought to you by PlasticsToday and sister brand DesignNews.

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