These block windows let in the light and help you get out

Architectural privacy blocks injection molded from acrylic have become popular as interior privacy walls in baths and other areas of the home, and as privacy windows to let in natural light. And now they are being offered in casement windows.

Hy-Lite/US Block Windows Inc. has been offering its injection molded acrylic block privacy windows for many years, and the product has become a popular way to provide both privacy and let in light from outside. Now, the company is offering egress window options on operable acrylic block windows so that consumers can have both privacy and an egress.

New casement window from Hy-Lite/US Block shows the versatility of these injection molded acrylic blocks.

“According to The International Residential Code, egress windows need to open to at least 5.7 ft2,” says Roger Murphy, president of US Block Windows Inc. “Our company has a wide variety of window options that meet this requirement while also providing a decorative look to the home. In many cases, egress windows are required in areas like the bathroom, bedroom, and basement.”

The patented line hinge design on the Hy-Lite/US Block Windows acrylic block casement window can meet the egress requirements with a smaller window than most other casement designs. “Our casement windows open to a greater angle, so we are able to include a wider variety of sizes in this egress line offering,” Murphy said.

“Homeowners are eager to have both privacy and natural light in these areas of the home, so operable acrylic block windows are the perfect solution,” said Murphy. “And, in many cases where windows are in basement settings, they open out into egress wells. With the privacy features of acrylic block windows you obscure the unsightly view of an egress well cylinder and help improve the overall aesthetics of the basement environment.”

The acrylic block windows from Hy-Lite/US Block are lightweight, and come in single hung or slider form, and in several sizes. Operable decorative radius topped windows are also available.  The company molds the acrylic block windows at its Pensacola, FL facility. Clare Goldsberry

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