Trelleborg becomes first-time WIT user for new plastic brake pedal

A single, stamped-metal insert, overmolded, replaces an all-metal construction as automotive systems supplier Trelleborg Automotive uses the water injection technique for the first time at the company in the molding of a new thermoplastic brake pedal it has developed.

Trelleborg plastic brake pedal
Trelleborg uses WIT to form its plastic brake pedals.

In response to questions from, a spokesperson for the company told us that the injection molding is being carried out at the Trelleborg Automotive facility in Witry les Reims, France. The new brake pedal is a fully tested and validated prototype that is ready for commercial use, she added.

The new hybrid brake pedal blends glass fiber-reinforced polyamide and metal, a combination that the company says delivers a weight saving of 30-50% compared to traditional, metal brake pedals. The new pedal also enables cost-savings as a result of more efficient production. Loic Lefebvre, product engineer, Trelleborg Automotive, said, "Our new hybrid brake pedal delivers a win-win situation for car manufacturers who are seeking to reduce overall part costs, as well as reducing their carbon footprint."

The hybrid brake pedal comprises a single, stamped-metal insert that is overmolded with thermoplastic using water injection technology, delivering the complete and final assembly in a one-step process. "The use of water injection technology to create a complete hollow part along the pedal arm enables us to greatly improve the mechanical behavior of the hybrid brake pedal, which is another added benefit of the product", added Lefebvre.




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