Valve gate and hot runner systems introduced

August 22, 2008

The new Quick Couple valve gate from Kona (pictured) is an actuator system designed to facilitate hot runner access and mold service as well as simplify installation and reduce plumbing. The cylinder assembly is mounted in the top clamp plate while the valve pin, adjusting mechanism, and coupling remain attached to the manifold. The coupling, in turn, is attached to the cylinder by a snap ring. To gain access to the manifold, the snap ring is removed and the clamp plate is lifted away. In addition, the coupling allows complete freedom of movement for manifold thermal expansion.

By mounting the cylinder to the top clamp plate, no independent cooling lines are required because the plate cools the actuator itself. Hydraulic lines are limited to the outside of the plate and never need be disturbed. Only two hydraulic lines are used because the actuator features a one-way air bleeding mechanism; no bleeding operation is ever necessary. The actuator is available on all T-20VG, T-24VG, SR-20VG, and SR-24VG systems with the 5-mm and 8-mm pins.

In another development, a new CB series hot runner system made by Eurotool and sold by Kona includes a wide range of open-flow bushings with four different gate configurations to suit any application. Replaceable gate inserts make a rapid change of gate configurations possible, providing easy maintenance and improving overall performance and productivity. The CB hot runner system features include a 27-mm bore with a 7-mm diameter flow channel, close center-to-center gate spacing, lengths from 36 mm to 166 mm, and standard manifold thickness of 37 mm. The CB series hot runner systems are externally heated and provide precise temperature over the entire length. Pricing information was not provided.

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