WEB EXCLUSIVE: Styrenics and ETPs take a hit

On an almost daily basis, resin suppliers are issuing price increase announcements based on the rise in the cost of crude oil. On July 1, for example, BASF will raise its prices globally by as much as €400 per metric ton across its lines of styrenic copolymers and ETPs (engineering thermoplastics), including Luran S (ASA and ASA/PC), Terluran (ABS), Terlux (MABS), Luran HH (AMSAN), Luran (SAN), Terblend N (ABS/PA), Styroflex (SBC) and Ultramid, Miramid, Capron, Nypel (PA), Ultradur (PBT) and Ultraform (POM). Ultrason grades (PSU, PESU, PPSU) and polyamide specialties will see price increases of up to €850 per metric ton.

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