The week that was: Highlights and the top 10 most-clicked articles, Jan. 28-Feb. 1

February 01, 2013

Ford Mustang owners are likely as proud of the muscle car's engine as they are of anything else, and now, thanks to a heat resistant acrylic/polycarbonate/nylon blend, they can show it off in style:

LEDs, fiber optic lighting and a plastic engine cover with a translucent structure combine in an innovative engine cover for the 2014 Ford Mustang that appears chrome-colored during the day and illuminated at night.

Pop the hood and the light show starts. As underhood applications go, pretty slick. Composites were also in the news this week, with Stephen looking at Dow Chemical's newly announced deal to launch production of carbon fiber intermediates, composite materials, and solutions in Russia, while a "smorgasbord of composite solutions" will be served up at the upcoming Aero-India show.

Nearly always billed as the recession proof market that could weather broader economic storms, the medical device industry reported some lackluster (at least by their standards) results recently. Medical Channel Editor Doug Smock took a closer look:

Increased competition, more emphasis on cost reduction and questions about products' effectiveness are negatively affecting results at major medical device manufacturers, resulting in layoffs and plant closings.

Elsewhere, Doug looked at an announcement by France's Arkema that would direct what grades should be purchased for use in medical applications.

The MED grades date back almost 10 years when Arkema rolled out special medical designations for some its specialty polyamide (nylon) products.  The company now offers several MED grades for its main product lines: Pebax SA elastomers, Rilsan polyamide 11 and 12, and Rilsamid polyamide 12.

Nestlé Waters is looking to enter the premium bottled water market, and as it takes aim at folks like Evian and Perrier, it will do so with a bottle featuring post-consumer recycled PET. Packaging Channel Editor Heather Caliendo reported on the move, speaking with Larry Cooper, senior marketing manager for the new Resource brand:

The reusing of plastic, where we give them another life, is an important goal of ours. Recycled plastic is very symbolic of an environmental and sustainable message.

Elsewhere, Heather spoke with Amcor about the company's very ambitious renovation plans for a new 500,000-sq-ft facility. Located in Orlando, the facility will target packaging for a bountiful local commodity: juice. She also highlighted the ACC's plans to promote sustainable Super Bowl viewing; the big game, historically means big packaging waste.

Can a company get the same bang for its marketing buck from a tour as it would from a trade show? Husky Injection Molding is betting yes, and Clare Goldsberry looks at the decision from a marketing perspective. Clare also reported from the International Builders' Show, where plastics were plentiful but many builders remain skeptical about using them.

Karen Laird, author of our Green Matter column, reviewed what was a very eventful month for bioplastics in January. Awards, bioplastic applications, new and collaborations, were among the topics touched on.  

Top 10 most-clicked articles, Jan. 28-Feb. 1

  1. What if they held a trade show and nobody came?
  2. Illuminated engine cover lights up Mustang motor: chrome by day, blue by night
  3. FDA moves to reverse regulatory blunder on hip implants
  4. Israeli kibbutz drives new US composites technology
  5. Competition, cost-cutting drag down medical device results
  6. Amcor talks $20 million expansion in Orlando
  7. Arkema will restrict resins' use in medical applications
  8. Novel foam core technology lightweights pipes
  9. Lubrizol targets long-term implants at MD&M West
  10. Silicone sacks TPE in football headsets


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