Werth introduces OnTheFly computed tomography for faster measurement cycles

November 21, 2017

Worth OntheFly CTComputed tomography (CT) is a proven technology for completely capturing a workpiece, including undercuts and internal geometries, and enhancing measurement precision. However, historically CT has been too slow for measurement operations during the manufacturing process.

Werth Inc., headquartered in Giessen, Germany, with U.S. offices in Old Saybrook, CT, and Morgan Hill, CA, has introduced new technology that improves cycle speeds. The new OnTheFly CT (patent pending) slashes lag time caused by start-stop positioning of the workpiece by continuously rotating the machine axis.

In conventional start-stop operations, the rotary motion is interrupted in order to capture each radiographic image, so that no motion blur occurs under continuous exposure. OnTheFly CT uses short exposure times to minimize motion blur. To achieve the same measurement certainty as in start-stop operations, the number of rotary increments is increased. The specifications according to VDI/VDE are not affected, despite the greatly accelerated measurement process.

With the new OnTheFly process, measurement time can be reduced by up to 10 times without affecting data quality. The workpiece volume is reconstructed in real time and is available immediately after measurement. Alternatively, data quality may be increased for the same measurement time. Methods such as raster and ROI (region of interest) tomography or higher detector resolution produce workpiece volumes of higher resolution with a better signal-to-noise ratio. The increased measurement time traditionally associated with these methods can be avoided with OnTheFly CT. The new technology opens up further areas of application for computer tomography that have strict measurement time requirements for a given data quality.

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