Wittmann opens new Nuremberg automation facility, doubling its space

Wittmann Group (Vienna) officially opened its brand new automation systems facility in Nuremberg, Germany, doubling the company's footprint in the country and taking the now global business back full circle to its first investment outside of Austria: its 1983 acquisition of Nuremberg-based Küffner Technologie.

The new Wittmann Robot Systeme GmbH plant, built with an investment of Euro 7 million ($9.15 million), covers 4200 sq m (45,000-plus sq ft), with 3000 sq m of production and 1200 sq m of office space.

The former Wittmann Küffner became Wittmann Robot Systeme when it was moved into a 2100 sq m space in Nuremberg-Schwaig, Wittmann's Bernhard Grabner told PlasticsToday. Grabner said an expansion at the former site would not have been possible, necessitating the construction of the new facility in the Nuremberg-Feucht industrial estate.

Wittmann Robot Systeme GmbH Nuremberg
Wittmann has doubled its space in Germany with a new plant that will serve as an automation systems facility.

"We are confident that it will be possible to further grow turnover," Grabner said, noting the potential for increased production at the new site, before qualifying the statement, adding, "But this cannot be exactly quantified at the moment. We have expanded the facility to have a more comfortable and smoother production flow, and, of course, to be able to cope with growth demands in the future that are already foreseeable, and to provide us with enough space for more equipment and more employees."

The new factory, which employs 120, has been created as an automation competence center for the Wittmann Group and includes CNC 3-axis machining center production, as well as a presentation room and high-bay racking for spare parts.

The company said that going forward, the operation will prepare and assemble robots and automation systems, with an expected turnover of Euro 30 million ($39.2 million) for 2013. Wittmann now has seven production facilities globally, four of which make robots and automation systems.

Looking back on three decades in the German market, Wittmann founder Werner Wittmann commented on the importance of the country in a press release, noting that it represented his first foreign investment.

"Germany is by far our most important market in the world," Wittmann said, "and Nuremberg is our main location in regard to automation technology in Europe."

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