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Cooler controls



An easy-on-the-eyes color LCD screen is new on the Tempro Plus C Series temperature controls from Wittmann Inc. (Torrington, CT). Units are available in three versions: a 200°F open system, a pressurized system for temperatures up to 285°F, and a 320°F system with a new design that eliminates a reservoir for the heat exchanger.

The color LCD displays color-coded indicators to ease operation. A green mold means the temperature is within the specified range, it’s red if the temperature is too hot, and so on. It also can simultaneously display up to three operating values.

Recently developed control cards and software enable the units to achieve an accuracy of ±0.4 deg F. Reaction time and cooling periods have been reduced and, via newer, more robust solid-state relays, the controls can more frequently switch heating on and off. Timer switching is also available.

Other improvements include:
• An Operating Hours Counter provides operational hours and temperatures information.
• Pressure transducers are standard.
• In Tempro Plus C units with a pressurized system, the cooling medium volume has been reduced by more than 50%, shortening preheating and cooling times.
• The newer Tempro Plus C 285 and 320 units can evacuate molds of any size without overfilling their internal tanks—incoming water is released by a solenoid valve into your shop’s cooling system, so there’s no limit to the purge volume.
• An additional pump can be installed on the Tempro Plus 200 unit to evacuate the tank water before it starts evacuating the mold, further increasing the purge volume.
• And mold evacuation, or other operational modes, can be selected using buttons you assign.

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