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Currier Plastics adds vision inspection systems

Article-Currier Plastics adds vision inspection systems

Quality is everything in manufacturing, and to improve its quality control, Currier Plastics is tightening its process control window by adding vision systems to the company's high-output blowmolding lines. "The overall processing performance is improved, because the cameras are set to detect defects in the neck area, which has the tightest tolerance," said Max Leone, Vice President of Business Development for Currier, a custom injection and blowmolding company based in Auburn, NY.

Steve Feaster, Vice President of Operations, commented, "The use of vision as part of our process does not eliminate the need for human interaction; rather, it enables the multi-point inspection of a larger quantity of parts in a shorter period of time. This enables a faster response and greater analysis to assist the continuous improvement of our processes."

Currier Plastics is adding vision inspection systems throughout the facility to improve process control and monitoring as part of the company's continuing investment in the packaging market. The addition of vision systems will also help to reinforce the company's zero defects policy by detecting imperfections in the parts before they leave the facility.

"We are using vision sensors or cameras to detect imperfections in the bottle or jar more quickly than the naked eye," said Feaster. "This is especially important to our clients in the health and beauty packaging sector."

Currier Plastics provides both injection molded and blowmolded containers for a variety of industries as well as molded components such as electronic connectors and medical measuring devices. Currier operates 26 injection molding presses ranging from 24 to 500 tons, and 20 blowmolding machines that operate in the company's new 40,000-square-foot blowmolding facility.

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