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Dashboard gets antistatic treatment

Article-Dashboard gets antistatic treatment

Automotive OEMs have found that dust collecting on a dashboard does not encourage sales, and as a result, these manufacturers are now incorporating antistatic additives into the specifications for interior parts. Some have already established anti-dust requirements for these parts and PolyOne Corporation (Avon Lake, OH) has developed OnColor SmartBatch antistatic concentrates to meet these new requirements. Besides their anti-static properties, the new concentrate offerings also fulfill carmakers' requirements for color.

"Our frequent meetings and discussions with automotive OEMs and part suppliers drove development of solutions that can meet the new anti-dust trend before it has even gained momentum," commented Fernando Sanchez, global marketing director for PolyOne Global Colorants, Additives and Inks. "The new OnColor SmartBatch concentrates meet our customers' requirements in terms of color and processability, of course, but now they also offer the added functionality of antistatic performance." PolyOne designs these tailored solutions to meet OEM-specific standards.

OnColor SmartBatch concentrates from PolyOne are used in a variety of automotive interior applications including body panels, interior trim and pillars, and door and instrument panels. As a result of the improved antistatic performance that these solutions bring to parts, a plastics processor or Tier supplier can, can eliminate the cleaning of parts after processing and before delivery, lowering overall processing costs. For an automotive OEM, benefits include an improved aesthetic during showroom residence time, which increases sales opportunities.

OnColor SmartBatch concentrates from PolyOne are available as drop-in solutions for injection molding and also for use in compounding lines.-[email protected]

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