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Downsized two-platens

Article-Downsized two-platens

Cincinnati Milacron has formally introduced a smaller series of twin-platen Maxima injection molding machines in six sizes. Ranging from 300 to 860 tons and in 380-, 580-, and 880-ton wide-platen designs, the machines offer tons of room between the bars. These "mini" Maximas feature fast cycling, energy conservation, a compact footprint, and economical pricing, according to Cincinnati. "Maxi" Maximas range up to 6000 tons.

Electric screw drives are optional. They are said to complement the smaller Maximas? short tonnage-build time of about .5 second and their fast clamp speed of 1143 mm/sec, allowing simultaneous clamp, eject, and plastication.

Mold height is set with the closed loop digital positioning of a single pancake cylinder mounted on the moving platen, reportedly a simpler and more accurate method than using the four transducers in four tiebar-mounted cylinders on other two-platen presses. Using a pancake cylinder is also said to reduce machine complexity and service/parts issues. The mini Maximas are also said to be very frugal when it comes to clamp-up oil requirements.

All are equipped with Cincinnati?s Xtreem open-architecture, PC-based controls, featuring digital position feedback on clamp, injection unit, and ejector; fully programmable corepull on the moving platen; and optional Web surfing and e-mail capabilities. Cincinnati?s MeltStar barrier screw is standard.?CK

Cincinnati Milacron
Batavia, OH
(513) 536-3336

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