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Dryer-less twin-screw sheet extrusion system will be on display

Processing Technologies International (PTi), a global manufacturer of sheet extrusion machinery, will feature its “dryer-less” twin-screw sheet extrusion production system at booth (#6885).

Processing Technologies International (PTi), a global manufacturer of sheet extrusion machinery, will feature its “dryer-less” twin-screw sheet extrusion production system at booth (#6885). The company will also showcase its latest sheet handling systems including a new three-position turret winder.

The dryer-less sheet extrusion system is an eco-friendly manufacturing solution, which delivers major energy savings and cost reduction, stated Dennis Paradise, PTi’s senior vp of sales and marketing, in a news release.

It is the only full-scale dryer-less twin-screw sheet extrusion demonstration system available for trials in North America. PTi has invested more than $3 million to install the unit at company headquarters for North American customers.

The production-scale unit, which is capable of processing rates in excess of 2000 lb per hour (900 kg/hr), runs a variety of resins including post-consumer and industrial PET/PLA. The energy-efficient process relies on Italy’s Luigi Bandera’s patented High-Vacuum Twin-Screw Extruder (HVTSE) technology, which allows PET to be processed without the need for raw material drying and crystallizing.

It employs a single atmospheric and dual high-vacuum, vent system with a co-rotating twin-screw extruder. This approach allows moisture and other volatiles to be removed as part of the extrusion process. In the case of recycled PET, the need for re-crystallization of the material is also eliminated. The energy savings from the elimination of drying and crystallization can approach 30-35% versus the conventional method, the company stated.

PTi has a strategic business alliance with Bandera to exclusively market the technology in North America. The demonstration line is available to sheet manufacturers for product evaluation using its own virgin and recycled materials. PTi announced plans to schedule a live customer demonstration three weeks after the NPE show at its Aurora, IL, headquarters.

At NPE, PTi will also present its new line of winding systems, specifically the company’s first three-position turret winder. It is a compact system that allows slit material to be wound two-up; that is half-slit material can be run on two rolls at the same time. It has a maximum diameter of 40-in, capability for three- and six-in cores, a maximum roll weight of 4300 lb, and maximum width of 70-in.

PTi’s line of sheet winding system also includes cantilever, A-frame, and automatic designs. Fully automated features include cut and transfer, shaft extraction, roll un-loading/core loading, and roll weight measurements and recording. Several of the winders are capable of differential shaft winding, allowing for multiple webs on a single shaft. The winders were initially developed to support PTi’s sheet extrusion systems but are also offered as stand-alone products.

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