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E-shots Web-exclusive: CIM-on-a-stick

Article-E-shots Web-exclusive: CIM-on-a-stick

Unless you?re one of those guys who just has to see what the injection pressure on machine #4 back on your shop floor looks like while you?re on vacation, lounging by the swimming pool with your Wi-Fi laptop, Toshiba (Elk Grove Village, IL) has a good idea?portable data storage.

Its new Injectvisor-V30 machine control has two slots for USB data storage sticks and another slot for a compact flash card. Instead of a relying on a machine modem, you can transfer the data onto a stick and stick it into a computer running Toshiba?s iPaqet Lite software for data analysis and management.

Toshiba?s Injectvisor-V30 has onboard capacity for storing up to 300 mold setups and detailed data on your last 1000 shots. It has a 12.1-inch TFT LCD touch-screen panel with direct screen selection, shortcut settings, and a single-setting screen for time, temperature, clamping, and ejector control.

It has open architecture for monitoring and controlling auxiliaries and hot runners. It includes all the advanced process control software Toshiba?s developed for its previous Injectvisors and a few new wrinkles, such as ?shockless? clamp acceleration control and quick ejector repetition control.

The V30 control was featured on a 176-ton, 6.35-oz model of Toshiba?s new EC-NII Series all-electrics at MassPlastics 2006. With 22 by 22 inches between the bars, it molded 1-mm-thick PP coasters in four-cavity, Fast Heat hot runner tooling at 5.5-second cycles. Parts were removed by a Yushin robot.?CK

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