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E-shots Web-exclusive: Hasco?s hot hits

Article-E-shots Web-exclusive: Hasco?s hot hits

At the Euromold trade show (Nov. 29-Dec. 2, Frankfurt, Germany;, Hasco (Arden, NC) introduced a number of new developments, including a new compound heat-insulation plate designated K101. In it, the thermal insulation sheet is sandwiched between two steel plates bonded into place by a proprietary adhesive and pressure. The K101 is available in mold sizes from 196 by 196 mm to 396 by 496 mm. Hasco sources say its K101 plate provides several benefits:

  • Magnetic clamping is possible.
  • Improved handling is provided for cleanroom molding.
  • Centering flanges without raised shoulders can be used.
  • Additional thread and through-hole machining of mold and insulation sheets is eliminated.
  • Thermal insulating sheets are well protected against damage.

Also at Euromold, the company introduced a new flexible sealing element for mold cavity plates designed to prevent burrs and other types of mold damage when overmolding metal inserts with filled and unfilled materials. The proprietary sealing element material?designated A4200?was developed by Hasco.

?By cutting out costs of reworking and reducing the number of rejects, experience has shown that costs per piece can be reduced considerably,? a Hasco spokesperson says.

Earlier this year at MassPlastics 2006, Hasco introduced the New England molding community to its innovative, all-in-one Hot Base?the world?s first mold base platform that combines a Hasco hot runner system in either a standard or custom-machined Hasco mold frame.

It?s designed to free up moldmakers from time-consuming catalog browsing and repetitive chores, so they can concentrate on the fun stuff?like detailed core and cavity work. And it frees up molders to place their delivery-intensive tooling jobs at their favorite shops without losing any sleep. A 32-cavity, valve-gated Hot Base was on show at MassPlastics 2006.?CK

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