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Easier analysis



Advanced, versatile, and easy-to-use software in the new CE-marked VTM dynamic mechanical laboratory analyzer for polyolefins reportedly enables it to gather more rheological data more easily and quickly than previously available systems. Yet, according to its developer, Dynisco Instruments (Franklin, MA), VTM analyzers, available with either manual or automated sample handling systems, cost less than competitive units.

They measure properties—like dynamic viscosity, elastic modulus, viscous modulus, and tangent delta—in a pressurized sample chamber, rather than in a more conventional open cavity, reducing edge effects and potential contamination, while reportedly improving repeatability.

With the new Enterprise software package, you can create your own testing protocol, selecting multiple data points to be gathered from a single sample. You also can compare historical data.

Using its large angle oscillatory shear feature, you reportedly can measure long chain branching in just 10-12 minutes instead of several hours. And, when measuring very low viscosities, its enhanced dynamic range feature improves the signal-to-noise ratio to improve test sensitivity. One more thing—they’re engineered to be tough enough to use on your shop floor. -CK

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