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Editorial: Jump on board. Please.

Article-Editorial: Jump on board. Please.

I need your help. Not much, really. A little bit, even. Just some of your time every now and then, along with the occasional use of the stuff between your ears.

You see, we here at IMM are building a reader board. What, you ask, is a reader board? It’s simply a group of thoughtful, active, passionate readers of this magazine who volunteer to give feedback on a variety of editorial topics and subjects.

Although IMM’s senior editors are well-traveled and well-connected within the injection molding community, and although we pride ourselves on being relatively in touch with the trends, moods, and opinions of our readers, there are times when we’d like to be able to call on a whole group of you for an opinion or reaction to help us keep our fingers on the pulse of this industry.

For instance, say we were considering doing a story on how to integrate liquid silicone rubber molding operations into your business, or another on how to pass on material price increases. It would be really swell if we had a group of 300 or so active readers we could e-mail to bounce these story ideas off of and get quick feedback to assess the level of interest.

Or say we have a quick five-question survey on management challenges that we’d like to send out. Would you be willing to help out? Would you be willing to give us your two cents every now and again? We’re looking for a few good readers.

If you’re interested, willing, and able (the three stringent requirements), please send me an e-mail ([email protected]), with "IMM Reader Board" in the subject line. Be sure to include:

  • Your name and title.
  • Company name.
  • Address, city, state, and country (if outside the U.S.).
  • Phone number.

Your participation is guaranteed anonymous, and we promise not to sell, distribute, or otherwise give away your personal information.

Will you help? I look forward to hearing from you, and thanks in advance for joining the IMM Reader Board.

[email protected]
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