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EDM/robot configuration increases productivity

In a configuration that can reportedly increase EDM productivity by as much as 200 percent, Mitsubishi EDM has combined its new VX10 diesinking EDM with System3R?s Workman Robot. Using Mitusbishi?s ESPER programming, Fuzzy Pro fuzzy logic, and the automated Workman robotic system, the VX10 can be programmed to run unattended during night shifts and on weekends. According to Mitsubishi EDM marketing manager Gary Rogers, by using this configuration, shop owners can increase burntime from about 40 or 50 hours/week to about 125 hours/week.

Programming the VX10 requires just a few keystrokes. The robot can change as many as 72 workpieces and 72 electrodes completely unattended. To ensure workpiece quality, the VX10?s sensor detects minute anomalies in burn conditions?inconsistencies too small for the human eye to detect. Then, using fuzzy logic, a 32-bit microprocessor analyzes the sensor data and adjusts the machinery automatically. As a result, workpieces and electrodes can be automatically mounted in chucks accurate to 80 µ.

The internal dimension of the VX10 worktank is 30.12 by 24.02 by 12.21 inches. Its table is 27.56 by 19.69 inches and can handle workpieces as heavy as 1325 lb and electrodes as heavy as 166 lb. The machining range on the X,Y,Z axes is 13.78 by 9.84 by 13.78 inches. Pricing information was not provided.

Mitsubishi EDM
Wood Dale, IL
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