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Encapsulation doubles screw life

Article-Encapsulation doubles screw life

The StarGurad proprietary feed-screw encapsulation technology for injection, extrusion, and blowmolding machines, joins the Star product line of ServTek’s aftermarket service group, along with the WearStar, KlearStar, MeltStar, PVCStar, and BarrVBET screws. The tungsten or chromium encapsulation reportedly provides crack and porosity-free protection for the entire length of the screw, including root, flight sides, and flight lands, and its manufacturer reports that it can double the life of standard tool steel or high-wear powder metallurgy materials used currently in the industry. The systems can be tailored based on customer needs, offering abrasion, corrosion, or submicron abrasion resistance, as well as high-temperature processing protection. The technology package, which can be purchased with new machines or retrofitted onto existing units, is part of manufacturer Milacron’s growing aftermarket group. In 2006, Milacron expanded the group’s reach and began offering onsite remanufacturing of machines, saving significant transport costs and time. In May 2006, Milacron reported that it had serviced more than 1000 machines with upgrades, retrofits, or complete rebuilds. StarGuard comes with a three-year performance warranty, and can be applied to competitive feedscrews. Milacron Inc., ServTek Div., Batavia, OH; +1 513-536-2289;

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