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Event planned for UK’s PET extrusion and recycling market

Article-Event planned for UK’s PET extrusion and recycling market

The United Kingdom's polyester extrusion and recycling industries have grown significantly in the past years, so this supplier of equipment used in these processes sees a good opportunity to bring together a group of experts, processors, recyclers and more to spend a day discussing the industries' changing face. Among the presenters will be a Coca-Cola executive responsible for the company's initiatives in PET collection and bottle-to-bottle recycling.

The Polyester Extrusion and Recycling Forum will be held at the Novotel Hotel, Newcastle Airport on September 29, 2010. In addition to Cees van Dongen, Coke's director of strategic planning environment & water, the event will include speakers from Starlinger, Nextek, consultancy Revere Scotland, Regis Machinery, and also from Kreyenborg, the plastics machinery manufacturer hosting the event.

Kreyenborg officials say they chose the UK for this event due to the drastic changes in the PET industry there, from a sector with few facilities and low collection rates to its current status as one of the global leaders in PET collection and recycling. With consumers mindful of and amenable to products containing recycled PET (RPET), and major brand owners and retailers demanding its use, investments have been made in collection systems, post-consumer bottle sorting and washing facilities.

The event is the only UK-based conference in 2010 dedicated to the PET extrusion and recycling. For further details or to register online for the event, use this link.

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