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Engineered Temporary Protective Surface Film Eliminates Adhesive Residue Issues

Image: Pregis Pregis PolyMask
The new Phantom Mask film from Pregis uses a proprietary process that integrates the adhesive into the polyethylene-based co-extrusion, preventing costly adhesive transfer problems.

A new temporary protective surface film is designed to eliminate costly, labor-intensive adhesive transfer problems on plastic sheets, parts, and products. Phantom Mask joins Pregis LLC’s PolyMask portfolio of protective packaging and is now available across North America, Europe, and other geographies.

In traditional protective film structures, adhesive is applied via a coating process, explained Pregis. By contrast, Phantom Mask uses a proprietary process that integrates the adhesive into the polyethylene-based co-extrusion. The end result is an engineered, heat-resistant material that doesn’t leave behind adhesive when it is removed, said Pregis. The material also mitigates ghosting.

Phantom Mask is applied directly onto the plastic sheet immediately after it is extruded. It is suitable for sheets made from acrylic, polycarbonate, ABS, PVC, PETG, and other polymer types. The protective film stays in place all the way through the converting process — slitting, fabricating, thermoforming, vacuum forming, and so forth — to ensure surface integrity. In the case of products that are delivered to consumers, the film is either removed upon receipt or, in the case of a product installation, stays in place until after that step is completed to ensure a pristine appearance.

“Adhesive residue is a massive problem that can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars of damaged parts, rework, and even scrapped products,” said David Coughlin, Vice President, New Product Development and Strategy, Pregis PolyMask. “The problem is compounded because adhesives that are applied via coating become more aggressive as time elapses and have a limited shelf life. If these materials are stored in facilities with temperature fluctuations, they oftentimes will have to be discarded due to adhesive degradation. Incorporating emerging polymer science with state-of-the-art engineering, Phantom Mask addresses all of those issues, offering customers peace of mind,” said Coughlin,

The high-clarity Phantom Mask protective film is suited for use with appliances such as hot tubs and shower enclosures; medical products, including face shields and personal protective equipment; sneeze guards and partitions in the food-services sector; signage; construction materials; automotive; recreational products; and more.

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