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Extrusion Workshops Focus on Life Science Applications, Plastics Compounding

Article-Extrusion Workshops Focus on Life Science Applications, Plastics Compounding

Image courtesy of Leistritz ZSE 60 MAXX-HD twin-screw extruder
Leistritz recently introduced the ZSE 60 MAXX-HD twin-screw extruder in a hygienic design.
Leistritz Extrusion is holding two-day workshops devoted to twin-screw extrusion technology in Texas and New Jersey in November.

Leistritz Extrusion has scheduled two twin-screw extrusion workshops in November, one focused on life science applications and the other devoted to plastics compounding. In addition to Leistritz staff, members of industry and academe will contribute their expertise at both two-day meetings.

The life science workshop on Nov. 8 and 9, 2023, will be held in Austin, TX, with classroom sessions at the Holiday Inn Express on day one followed by hands-on training at the College of Pharmacy at the University of Texas at Austin.

Topics tailored to life-science extrusion include screw design; melt extrusion and granulation; downstream systems; and dissolvable films and implantable devices. At the university, attendees will have an opportunity to observe twin-screw extrusion systems in operation and participate in hands-on demonstrations involving the assembly, cleaning, and maintenance of twin-screw extruders.

The plastics compounding workshop will be held in Branchburg, NJ, on Nov. 29 and 30, 2023. Classroom sessions on day one at the Hyatt House hotel will cover a full range of co-rotating and counter-rotating twin screw extrusion technologies, including process scale up, pelletizing, the use of gear pumps and screen changers, and troubleshooting.

At the nearby Leistritz process development lab, hands-on demonstrations on the second day will explore devolatilization; downstream addition of fillers, fibers, and additives; direct sheet and film extrusion; and much more.

Cost for each workshop is $800 before Nov. 1; $880 thereafter. To register, e-mail May Zaw or phone 908/685-2333, ext. 614.

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