New ASTM test method improves precision of plastic film thickness, variability measurement

A new ASTM International (West Conshohocken, PA) standard reportedly provides a better test method for measuring the average thickness and thickness variability of plastic film. The D8136 standard was developed by ASTM International’s committee on plastics.

“The new test method is more accurate, precise and easier to use than existing test methods,” said ASTM International member Rob Lawrence, a mechanical engineer at SolveTech Inc. “The standard will help almost the entire chain in the plastic film industry, and will likely improve quality throughout the industry.”

Polymer producers, film producers and film buyers will find the new standard useful, according to Lawrence.

“It will be most useful for aiding transactions between film producers and film buyers,” added Lawrence. “It will allow them to be on the same page with each other regarding thickness and variability. It will help the buyer find quality suppliers, and help quality suppliers be recognized for their efforts.”

The committee on plastics is looking for companies to participate in a full inter-laboratory study for the standard. In addition, the committee is interested in hearing feedback from those using the standard. The next meeting of the committee on plastics is Nov. 12 to 15, 2017, in Atlanta, GA.

For information about purchasing the standard, contact [email protected].

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