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Polymer Industries Embeds Antimicrobial Agents in Densetec Product Line

plastic resin
Polymer Industries’ antimicrobial products are non-porous, can be easily cleaned with household disinfectants, and are stain and scratch resistant.

The need to combat infectious diseases continues to increase in all public venues and commercial applications, thus increasing demand for antibacterial products created by incorporating an antibacterial agent (biocide) into a polymer. Polymer Industries has integrated an antibacterial agent into its Densetec line to create antimicrobial products that help limit the growth of bacteria and improve the hygiene of surfaces.

"Our antimicrobial material kills or inhibits the growth of microorganisms caused by bacteria, algae, and fungi,” said Deborah Ragsdale, National Sales Manager for Polymer Industries and Vice-President of the International Association of Plastic Distributors. “Antimicrobial surfaces are also needed in food preparation areas and on industrial cutting surfaces.”

Polymer Industries’ antimicrobial products are non-porous and inhibit the spread of bacteria resistant to moisture and mildew. The non-porous surface also limits absorption, can be easily cleaned with household disinfectants, and is stain and scratch resistant. Typical applications include public venues, healthcare facilities, dental and veterinary practices, gyms, locker rooms, and industrial food processing and preparation areas.

Headquartered in Henagar, AL, with facilities across the United States, Polymer Industries manufactures polyolefin products, engineering plastics, and high-performance materials. The company produces stock shapes of sheet and rod from a range of materials and ships throughout North America and globally. Polymer Industries also produces specialty products such as hurricane panels and truck bed liners.

Image: mrmrsmarcha1/Adobe Stock

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