PTi, Farrel Pomini join forces to market integrated extrusion system for 'direct-to-sheet' compounding

Processing Technologies International (PTi; Aurora, IL) and Farrel Pomini (Ansonia, CT) announced today the formation of a strategic business alliance (SBA) for the sale of integrated extrusion systems used in the production of compounded plastic sheet.

Farrel Pomini CP Series
Farrel Pomini CP Series II compact processor model CP4000XL.

The SBA introduces a continuous system that enables sheet to be extruded as part of the compounding process. The integrated compounding-sheet extrusion technology is being marketed under the trade branding of Direct-to-Sheet (DTS) Compounding. The integration of these systems can eliminate the need to create pre-compounded resins prior to the extrusion process; additives such as mineral fillers, colorants, impact modifiers and clarifiers can be mixed and directly extruded to sheet in one uninterrupted process.

DTS Compounding brings together both Farrel Pomini and PTi as technology leaders in their respective markets and, as a result, offers best-in-class sheet extrusion equipment, said the companies in a press release. Designed specifically for dispersion of highly filled, highly pigmented materials, Farrel Pomini’s CP Series II compact processor is capable of processing a range of polymer applications with high output rates. This technology compliments the capabilities of PTi’s G-Series roll stands to process a range of sheet applications, including thin to heavy gauge materials, low to high melt strength resins and high output production.

PTi G-Series roll stand model GCJ661830.

The benefits of DTS Compounding include cost savings, process efficiencies and enhanced control of compounded materials for companies requiring considerable percentages of mineral fillers in their extruded sheet, said PTi. DTS Compounding can be configured inline, directly feeding a thermoformer, or as a roll stock system producing wound rolls of sheet offline. This unique offering will introduce a first-of-its-kind process into strategic packaging, automotive and industrial sheet markets, according to the companies.

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