The DTA 160 is a cut above, says battenfeld cincinnati

battenfeld-cincinnati DTA 650 cutting system

The DTA 160 may look just like any other cutting system, but upon closer inspection, you will notice some remarkable differences, said battenfeld cincinnati Chief Technical Officer Henning Stieglitz at the K 2019 Preview in Düsseldorf, Germany, last week. In fact, he believes it will be one of the highlights of the K 2019 show proper in October.

The unit precisely cuts both polyolefin and PVC pipes to customer specifications quickly and swarf-free, and it does so without the use of hydraulics. Moreover, the weight of the saw carriage has been reduced by 60% compared with conventional systems, a considerable advantage when cutting lengths under 50 cm, said Stieglitz. Acceleration and deceleration times are also significantly improved.

The cutting tools are powered by linear actuators, reducing the number of components and, thus, maintenance requirements while increasing precision and flexibility, said battenfeld-cincinnati (Bad Oeynhausen, Germany) in a press release. Because the cutting tool rotates around the pipe during the cutting process, it only needs to be long enough to cut through the wall thickness of the pipe, regardless of pipe diameter. Quick-action fasteners and centering aids enable easy replacement of cutting blades. A chamfer mill, often required for PVC pipes, can be added to the system.

The clamping device comprises multiple, evenly distributed pneumatic jaws that simultaneously grip the pipe, ensuring a clean cut. The small distance between the cutting position and clamp also prevents pipe deformation. Special bearing materials are used to synchronize movement of the clamping jaws and help improve the service life of individual components. The cutting unit is designed to provide easy access for maintenance or conversion work.

The prototype of the new cutting unit has already won over one big name in the pipe manufacturing industry, which has incorporated it into its production line, said battenfeld-cincinnati.

The DTA 160 will be officially launched at K 2019, which runs from Oct. 16 to 23 in Düsseldorf, Germany. Battenfeld-cincinnati is scheduled to exhibit in booth B19 in hall 16.

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