Euromap 84 working group publishes extrusion-line draft recommendations

Euromap logoWithin the Euromap 84 working group, experts from 10 European manufacturers of extruders and extrusion lines collaborate with manufacturers of control systems and developers of manufacturing execution systems to standardize data exchange. Drafts of parts one through seven have been published as “release candidates” and are available for public consideration.

In Euromap 84, basic specifications are drawn up, and the extrusion line is modeled as a whole. This serves to control overall production—throughput, product quality, energy consumption—and to manage production jobs. A new concept was needed for Euromap 84, because the existing job management model applicable to injection molding could not be transferred to extrusion.

Next, the various components of an extrusion line will be examined separately and all important process parameters will be recorded.

As with all Euromap recommendations, these are manufacturer agnostic.

The published drafts are:

Part 1: General Type Definitions
Part 2: Extrusion lines
Part 3: Extruders
Part 4: Haul-offs
Part 5: Melt pumps
Part 6: Filters
Part 7: Dies

These parts will be validated via test implementations before publication as final versions.

Additional parts for further components of an extrusion line are in preparation.

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