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Extrusion 2019 recap: Here’s what you missed

Extrusion 2019 photo
The annual “extrusionista” get-together, held near Chicago this year, explored a range of topics from optimizing barrel temperatures and purging operations to precisely controlling thickness and cut length in pipe and profile extrusions. 

Once a year, we extrusionistas have a technical-commercial get-together somewhere east of the Mississippi. This year the venue was in Rosemont, IL, near O’Hare airport, and next year we’ll be back there again. Extrusion 2019 attracted nearly 500 people, who showed up to see the 75 exhibits, hear speakers and network with each other on Sept. 17 to 19. There weren’t any big lines running, like at NPE or the forthcoming K 2019, but most makers of extrusion equipment had booths and were available to talk. The morning speakers were at one end of the exhibit hall, so you could wander between exhibits and talks at will.

Image courtesy Extrusion 2019.

I was there for the whole two and one-half days, but I didn’t hear many talks. I wanted to see the exhibitors, and that, plus reconnecting with old acquaintances, didn’t leave much time. Many talks were available online to registrants, but that is deceptive. I haven’t looked at them much because of Griff’s Law, which has been up on my wall for the last 25 years: “Always Put Off Until Tomorrow What You Can Get Away with Putting Off Until Tomorrow!” Next to that sign, however, is another one that says: “If Not Now, When?”

I decided I could be of best use to PlasticsToday readers by listing who talked about what, so you can call or write the speakers and get the latest news or whatever they want you to know. As for my talk on “Inpush and Output”—how what goes in affects what comes out—you can have my 27 slides on request (see the end of this article for contact info) and ask questions later.  


Optimizing barrel temps (C Rauwendaal);

Inpush-output analysis (A Griff);

Systematic extrusion (B Polanco);

Industry trends (S DeSpain, Reifenhauser);

Building a safety culture (C Perry, Sekisui);

Single screw for multiple resins (J Xu, Graham);

Screw cleaning (T Whisman, Maxiblast);

Screw wear (S Kelsay, Extreme Coatings).


Basics (O Catherine, Cloeren);

Slit-die Viscometer (C Rauwendaal).


Pressure (B Kramer, US Extruders).


J Packard, Asaclean.


M Jordan, Advanced Blending.


Experiments (B Polanco, Systematic);

Infrared drying (H Bendfeldt, eFactor3);

Drying technology (M Haynie, Novatec).

Size reduction

J Farney, Cumberland.

Recovering scrap

D Darley, Vecoplan; D Miller, Conair.


Powder feed (D Kennedy, Vac-u-max);

Feeder performance (J Winski, Coperion);

Pneumatic conveying (J Dziedzic, ACS);

Liquid color (P Maguire, Riverdale);

Dust & streamers (J Lutz, Pelletron).


M Gneuss, Gneuss.


Cooling (B Smith, Thermal Care);

Heating-cooling unit (R Holzhauer, Delta T);

Dry ice for cooling (S Wilson, ColdJet);

Energy efficiency in motors (S Barlow, Integrated Controls).

Controls and electronics

Upgrades (D Barlow, Integrated Control), Best practices (L Columbus, IQMS); 

Smart manufacturing (A Landers, Conair);

Control of motors (G Lamorte, CDS);

Digital control system (J Christiano, Davis-Standard).

Twin screw, including compounding

Managing melt temp (B Haight, Leistritz);

Analysis of compounding (J Galloway, Krauss-Maffei);

Screw design in counter twin (H Ku, Krauss-Maffei); 

Challenges with twin screws (D Elliott, Entek);

Compounding TPE/TPV in twin screw (S Schoenfeld, Coperion);

Compounding for 3D filament (C Martin, Leistritz);

Compounding in the future (A Dreiblatt, Century);

Control of pelletizing (M Duff, Graham).


Processing plastomers (W Hobson, Dow);

Chilled-air temp control (M Pilolli, DRJoseph);

Blown-film coex die (R Castillo, Dual Spiral);

Cast-film die (Iuliano, Nordson);

Flex-packaging sustainability (M Millefanti, Macchi);

Using post-consumer recycle in film (K Hallaji, Envision);

Thickness sensor for film (E Reber, Mahlo);

Equipment design for film (M Wodrich, Macro);

Optimizing for high-performance resins (C Pielen, Brabender);

Nanolayer coex (O Catherine, Cloeren);

Web alignment (Glover, Advanced);

Triple bubble (A Edgar, Kuhne).


Compounding direct to sheet (S Jain, PTI);

Compounding flex-PVC direct to sheet (N Garrison, Krauss-Maffei);

Floatable coffee capsules (T Bung, Kuhne);

Thickness sensor for sheet (E Reber, Mahlo);

Automated winding (J Connelly, Parkinson);

Multi-nip rollstacks (P Rieg, Battenfeld-Cincinnati);

Infrared drying and conical twin (H Bendfeldt, eFactor);

Thick sheet (S DeAngelis, Davis-Standard);

High-speed extrusion of thin sheet (S Jain, PTI);

Expanding PP gauge range (M Duff, Graham);

Screw, barrel, pump and rolls (W Smith, Nordson);

Troubleshooting black specks (R Barnes, Paulson).


Water-bath length (B Spencer, Sabic); 

Flow simulation in dies (Perdikoulias, Compuplast);

Better cooling tanks (R Bessemer, Novatec);

Thickness control (K Donahue, Zumbach);

Current profile technology (D Cykana);

Land length in die design (S Schick, Teel);

Belt gap in medical tubing (R Bessemer, Novatec);

Computer prediction of profile (M Gupta, Plastic Flow);

Control of cut length (G Lamorte, CDS);

Precision measurement saves money (B Allen, Inoex).


PE for extreme performance (S Roy, ExxonMobil);

Strengthening recycle (S Monte, Kenrich);

PLA in Farrel mixer (P Ye, Farrel-Pomini);

New uses for twins (P Martin, JSW).

Almost forgot, but didn’t: There are no toxic plastics, none of them. And don’t you forget, either. Also, if you have ideas about why people are so receptive to anti-plastic images, please let me know.  

Allan Griff is a veteran extrusion engineer, starting out in tech service for a major resin supplier, and working on his own now for many years as a consultant, expert witness in law cases and especially as an educator via webinars and seminars, both public and in-house. He wrote the first practical extrusion book back in the 1960s as well as the Plastics Extrusion Operating Manual, updated almost every year, and available in Spanish and French as well as English. Find out more on his website,, or e-mail him at

Griff conducts live seminars across the country—the next ones are planned this winter in Southern California and Chicago. Seminars in your plant are also available. If you can’t attend his live events, he offers a Virtual Seminar, which can be seen any time, any where. E-mail Griff at the address listed above for more information.

His recent webinar, What All Extruders Should Know, is now available on demand. Watch the free webinar at your convenience by clicking here.

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