Guill Tool releases reciprocating head for extrusion applications

Guill Tool reciprocating headExtrusion tooling manufacturer Guill Tool (West Warwick, RI) announced today that it has released a new reciprocating head. The traditional tip-and-die assembly has been replaced with a linear reciprocating assembly that changes the tube’s profile within a given length. The process is repeated without interruption during a single extrusion run. Cutting capability, in association with the extrusion speed, cuts the finished product to length.

Tubing quality is improved even though cost and value stream activities are reduced, according to Guill Tool. Only one extrusion run is needed to produce a finished product, as opposed to conventional techniques involving multiple extrusion runs with tooling changes and manual assembly operations.

The reciprocating head also eliminates in-process inventory, added Guill Tool, as there is no need to store various tubing shapes and connectors for assembly, order fulfillment or replenishment of finished goods.

In summary, the reciprocating head eliminates a connecting piece, facilitates just-in-time production and reduces total run time from when the order is received to when it is shipped.

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