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New Generation Extruders Have an Edge, According to Furniture Trim Maker

Battenfeld cincinatti
A leading manufacturer of edge strips, primarily for the furniture industry, Egger Dekor has installed several New Generation extrusion lines from battenfeld-cincinnati because of their processing flexibility.

When edge-strip manufacturer Egger Dekor A.S. installed a battenfeld-cincinnati extruder at its facility, it represented a first for both companies. It was the first battenfeld-cincinnati system at the Egger Dekor plant in Gebze, Turkey, which houses some 80 extrusion lines. It was also the first time that a customer processed ABS on a New Generation extruder from Vienna-based battenfeld-cincinnati.

The conEX NG extruders from battenfeld-cincinnati feature a small footprint and low energy consumption. Image courtesy battenfeld-cincinnati.

Part of the family-run Egger Group, Egger Dekor is a leading manufacturer of edge strips, primarily for the furniture industry. The strips typically are made from ABS and PVC, but a small number of special strips are made from PMMA, said Technical Plant Manager Ender Celebi. The products are sold globally, with Western and Central Europe favoring ABS strips and Eastern Europe and North America typically opting for PVC-based strips.

When sourcing new extrusion equipment, a priority for Egger Dekor is that it be capable of processing all of those raw materials. Battenfeld-cincinnati secured its first order from the company in 2017, when it was able to demonstrate that its conical extruders were up to the task. After installing its first conEX NG 65 extruder and connecting in-house designed components to the machine to form a complete line, Egger Dekor was sufficiently impressed with its performance that it ordered several more identical units.

An advantage of the conEX NG extruders, which have been on the market for about three years, is their long service life, according to battenfeld-cincinnati Chief Technical Officer Dr. André Wieczorek. They are based on the proven Konos and conEX series, but achieve significantly higher outputs and greater flexibility thanks to a complete process overhaul. A long preheating zone and optimized screw design ensure a balanced ratio of mechanical and thermal energy input, so that not only different materials can be processed, but also high tool pressures of up to 520 bar can be applied, said battenfeld-cincinnati.

Egger Dekor is a leading manufacturer of edge strips, primarily for the furniture industry. Image courtesy Egger Dekor.

"The new generation of extruders also score with their small footprint, low energy consumption and modest investment costs in relation to their high performance," said Wieczorek. The extruders are available in three sizes: 42, 54, and 65 mm. For profiles, they can reach outputs ranging from 35 to 250 kg/h, and 50 to 450 kg/h for pipe applications.

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