Next-gen extruder controller features augmented flexibility at reasonable price point

Davis-Standard LLC (Pawcatuck, CT) has introduced the next generation of its economical DS-eTPC touch-screen control. The DS-eTPC II controller is engineered with added flexibility to support a broader range of processes and applications than the previous model, according to the company.

The DS-eTPC II is equipped with a 15-inch viewing screen with multi-touch capabilities to enable zoom in and out. It can control up to three extruders—including melt pumps and auxiliaries such as vacuum pumps for each extruder—and performs real-time and historical data trending. Other enhancements include an increase of heat-only zones from four to eight, with an option of adding up to 20; two auxiliary drives; a remote set-point; and speed trim via discrete inputs from gauging equipment.

DS-eTPC II controller from Davis-Standard

“The DS-eTPC II has a modular design to improve control capabilities and application flexibility while maintaining an excellent price point,” said John Clemens, Davis-Standard’s Director of Extrusion Controls. “Customers will benefit from being able to control up to three extruders from one main HMI. They will also have the option for local control of co-extruders while maintaining line control from the primary HMI. For wire and cable processes, there are optional modes for auto on/off and manual control along with an option for capstan control. This controller goes way beyond basic touch-screen operations, which is much needed in the marketplace,” said Clemens.

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