Plastic conveyor belt company doubles production capacity with dual-strand profile line

Intralox extrusionPersistent growing demand for your products that stress your ability to deliver them is a good problem to have, but a problem nonetheless. That was the challenge facing Intralox (Harahan, LA), a global supplier of plastic conveyor belt systems, and it found a remedy via extrusion and converting technology company Davis-Standard LLC (Pawcatuck, CT).

Intralox replaced an older profile line that was no longer pulling its weight with a new Davis-Standard dual-strand profile line, doubling its output without requiring additional space. The line processes dual-strand solid rod made of PP, PE, PA, acetal and PEEK materials. Davis-Standard customized the line for Intralox applications, completing delivery and installation within eight months of purchase. The project was so successful, Intralox plans to replace its other profile lines with Davis-Standard dual-strand lines in the near future.

“This new line is a game-changer in terms of production outputs, rod quality and innovation,” said Gregory Washington, Extrusion Supervisor at Intralox. “While dual-strand profile technology is not new, it’s new for us. We’ve had great results in terms of speed, equipment performance and ease of operation.”

Davis-Standard supplied all line components, from the extruder and controls to downstream equipment. Washington said in a prepared statement that he appreciates the intuitiveness of the DS-eVUE control system as well as the dual-strand Y-tooling, accuracy of product dimensionality, cut quality, cooling tank capabilities and the ability to isolate products with cast-off equipment. In addition, Intralox was able to verify operation of the entire line at Conair, Davis-Standard’s downstream equipment partner.

“Intralox ships product all over the world to support customers in the automotive, food, industrial, logistics and material handling, packaging, tire and rubber industries,” said Sean Stephan, Davis-Standard’s Regional Manager responsible for this project. “Being able to take outputs from 125 feet per minute to 300 feet per minute on the same line while supporting quality goals really defined this project.”

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