Shin-Etsu launches extrusion series for healthcare and beverage tubing applications

Shin-Etsu Silicones of America Inc. (SESA; Akron, OH) recently announced the launch of a new high-consistency rubber (HCR) product line, including two extrusion versions engineered for tubing and profiles used in healthcare, beverage and architectural glazing applications.

Both HCR extrusion versions in the Sil-X-Shin silicone elastomers line—methyl-vinyl and phenyl silicone—are available in a range of Shore A hardnesses and come in a convenient 10:1 ratio of base compound to catalyst. Having one universal catalyst that can be used with each base provides flexibility and reduces the material and logistics costs of stocking multiple products, said the company.

Moreover, Shin-Etsu has engineered the formulations to have a longer working time between milling and extrusion. “This increases material scheduling flexibility, as the product can actually be staged for nearly 24 hours during the processing gap,” according to Steve Craig, SESA’s National Business Manager/HTV & LIMS Group.

The methyl-vinyl extrusion grade series features translucence and clarity. Extruded tubing exhibits no bubble formation while curing in the oven, and it has a smooth surface finish, according to Shin-Etsu.

Methyl-vinyl extrusion grade series.

The phenyl silicone extrusion grade series has more specific applications, as it withstands temperatures lower than -40◦ C, with a -60◦ C minimum for optimal usage. This imparts better resistance to gamma sterilization and is suited for applications such as pharmaceutical process tubing requiring low-temperature resistance. 

phenyl silicone extrusion grade series
Phenyl silicone extrusion grade series.

Specifically engineered for extrusion, both series’ platinum, addition-cure chemistries produce a tight surface finish with few residual by-products. When properly cured, the finished products will resist taking a set which can alter the dimensions of an extruded item. Additionally, both products are biocompatible and are currently being tested for USP Class VI compliance.

You can learn more about this new line and other products in the Shin-Etsu Silicones portfolio by dropping by the company's booth (#744) at PLASTEC East in June. Go to the PLASTEC East website for more information and to register to attend.

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