What all extruders should know (but sometimes don’t)

Extrusion technology—how it works and what can and cannot be achieved—will be explored in a free webinar, What All Extruders Should Know, hosted by Allan Griff and produced by PlasticsToday.

A 50+ year veteran of the plastics processing industry, Griff will cover a full range of extrusion-related issues, from feeding and screw conveying to shear rates and material and energy costs. Attendees will learn why heat is their necessary friend and constant enemy during extrusion and how to efficiently capture and use process data. Griff also will call on his many decades of experience to provide some valuable troubleshooting advice.

The one-hour presentation, which includes a live Q&A session, will benefit production people and those who work with them in sales, technical services, upper management, R&D, quality control and maintenance.

Registration is free for the webinar, which is scheduled for May 14, 2019, at 11 AM Pacific/2 PM Eastern. Busy that day? No problem: You can listen on demand after the live broadcast, but you must register first.

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