What All Extruders Should Know webinar now available on demand

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Did you miss Allan Griff’s free webinar, What All Extruders Should Know, on May 14? No worries—it is now available on-demand. Simply click here to register and listen to the one-hour webinar and Q&A at your convenience.

During the webinar, Griff touches on everything from screw conveying and heat exchange to why faster isn’t always better in output rates. He draws on more than 50 years of practical industry experience to explain the limits of an extrusion line—what can and can’t be done, and why—in a grounded, commonsense manner. No need for higher math or computer experience to get the most out of this presentation, stresses Griff.


In addition to troubleshooting tips, webinar attendees will learn:

    •    Why heat is your necessary friend and constant enemy
    •    Components of output and control of in-push
    •    Understanding manufacturing costs in relation to materials and energy
    •    How to efficiently capture and use process data

Listen to the free webinar any time by clicking here.

Image: MarekPhotoDesign.com/Adobe Stock.

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