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What the World Needs Now: A Combo Fishing Rod and Beer Holder

Article-What the World Needs Now: A Combo Fishing Rod and Beer Holder

Image: Lonesoulsurfer combination fishing rod and beer holder
An assembly made of PVC piping and components solves the perennial problem of keeping the beer bottle upright while angling.

Fishing isn’t really about catching dinner. For many, it’s an excuse to get away from all the noise — literal and figurative — and, perhaps, entering a meditative state of mind as you commune with nature. A nice, cold beer can be a good companion. Here’s the problem, as articulated by Lonesoulsurfer on the Instructables website.

“Yes it’s a bold statement, but anyone who loves fishing knows how good fishing and beer go together,” writes Lonesoulsurfer on Instructables, a website devoted to user-generated do-it-yourself projects. “I saw this rod holder ages ago on the net and thought I’ve got to have myself one of those. Trying to stick your rod into sand whilst your beer sits precariously nearby is a situation that most fishermen have faced at some time. Never again, I say!” The solution shared by Lonesoulsurfer is a combo fishing rod and beer holder.

All you need to make the assembly is a drop saw, PVC glue, PVC piping, and a bunch of PVC piping components. Lonesoulsurfer provides step-by-step instructions here.

Do it, and never again will you suffer the indignity of having your beer tip over on the sand, casting a pall over an otherwise perfectly fine day of fishing. 

Thanks to Allan Griff for finding and sharing this story with me. I’m not sure if he likes to fish or drink beer, but, as readers of PlasticsToday know well, he is an expert on extrusion, and it may have been those extruded PVC parts that caught his attention. 

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