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Willi Müller honored through Plastics Pioneers Association scholarships

Clare Goldsberry

April 22, 2016

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Willi Müller honored through Plastics Pioneers Association scholarships

One of the best ways to honor plastics industry greats is to establish a scholarship fund to help the next generation become educated in the science of plastics. Wolfgang Meyer, President of U. Müller USA Inc. (Agawam, MA) and a member of the Plastics Pioneers Association (PPA; McHenry, IL), secured a $3,000 scholarship to be given this year to a student through the education fund of the PPA.

Willi Müller

Meyer explained to PlasticsToday that, as the shareholders of W. Müller GmbH and W. Müller USA Inc., Brigitte and Christian Müller (sister and brother) set up the company’s scholarship fund in honor of their father Willi Müller, who passed away in 2013.  Willi Müller was inducted into the Plastics Hall of Fame posthumously in 2014.

“Willi was a true pioneer in the world of extrusion blowmolding,” said Meyer, outlining some of the accomplishments from his career. “He developed extrusion heads for processing PVC, eliminating the need for frequent cleaning. Similar head designs configured for HDPE cut down material and color changeover times significantly,” Meyer added.

Müller also developed the original long-stroke blowmolding machine concept for efficient large-volume production, maintaining flexibility for rapid product changeovers. A dual rail supported clamp design, replacing traditional cantilevered clamps and providing better support of high calibration forces and making blow pins much more accessible for quick exchanges.

He developed multi-cavity and multi-layer extrusion head technology for small and large containers as key building blocks for long-stroke blowmolding machines. “To date, extrusion heads have been delivered for double station machines with 2 x 18 cavity production, and for up to seven layers,” Meyer stated.

Müller also developed in-mold labeling for long-stroke blowmolding machines and shot pot technology for multi-cavity and multi-layer accumulator heads for discontinuous co-extrusion of similar and dissimilar resins. Additionally he developed the multi-layer gradation technology for blowmolding containers with reproducible fading color effects.

This year, W. Müller GmbH celebrates its 40th anniversary.

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