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Films protect against wear, electronic interference electronic interference

Article-Films protect against wear, electronic interference electronic interference

GE Structured Products recently introduced its family of Lexan Graphic System (GS) films for use in insert molding applications. The film is made of a polycarbonate substrate laminated inline with a clear protective layer. Good weatherability, abrasion and chemical resistance, formability, and clarity, including resistance to yellowing, are among the film?s reported properties. The manufacturer has recommended its use in automotive, appliance, telecommunications, and computer applications.

In a separate development, GE is offering a film-based product for shielding electronic products from interference. Called Formable Shielding Film, it works by applying a new ink technology?jointly developed with Acheson Industries (Port Huron, MI)?to special grades of engineering thermoplastic film. Custom patterns may be screen printed on the company?s Lexan PC film or Valox film, formed into the required shapes, and then applied to the final electronic component by second-surface insert molding.

In addition to high heat stability, excellent dielectric strength, and good formability (up to 300 percent for the films, 40 percent for the ink), the company reports an environmental benefit to its product. Should the film ever need to be removed, the remaining plastic housing can be more readily recycled than those treated with other processes such as electroplating, chemical plating, or painting.

Pricing information was unavailable for both film products.

GE Structured Products
Pittsfield, MA
Phone: (800) 451-3147
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