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Fully automatic production of smartcards

Article-Fully automatic production of smartcards

Arburg has created a production cell for manufacturing smartcards that integrates an Allrounder machine, a corresponding mold, a robotic handling device, and a fully automatic magazining facility for the card bodies, together with a changing system. (Printing and charging stations for the chips for completing the cards can also be connected as an option.) The system can output a minimum of 800 ABS card blanks per hour with a single-cavity mold.

This means that, generally, the production cell is best suited as a basic extension stage for the rapid and flexible production of small-series cards. After injection molding, the basic bodies need only to be printed and, if necessary, completed by adding chips. The system, which is fully automatic, can repeatedly obtain the required tolerances of the cards: ±.12 mm in length, ±.05 mm in width, and ±.03 mm in thickness.

The mold can be converted for other card types (either with regard to the material or to produce basic bodies with chip recesses) within a few minutes by simply exchanging the mold cavity inserts. The basic mold remains fitted. The mold basis and mold cavity inserts are linked to two different cooling circuits, thus temperature control is not interrupted when replacing card islands.

Sprue and card blanks are separated by a pneumatically driven cutting knife while the mold remains closed. The card bodies are removed by a robot that is completely integrated into the Allrounder. Simultaneous movements keep removal times short (less than 4.5 seconds). The finished card blanks are then deposited and sorted on a conveyor belt, which acts both as a cooling section and a feeder for the stacking magazines.

A Selogica monitor controller with a graphic user shell controls the entire machine cycle centrally. The system?s price varies greatly depending on the equipment required by the customer.

Arburg Inc.
Newington, CT
Phone: (860) 667-6500
Fax: (860) 667-6522

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