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G-force AI microprecision

Article-G-force AI microprecision

Engineered for tight-tolerance, thin-wall molding of superprecision medical, telecom, cosmetics, and automotive components are two new Fanuc Roboshot SiB models. Weighing in at 165 and 275 tons and built to deliver small shot sizes to large multicavity molds, the new Roboshots can be equipped with either 18- or 32-mm screw/barrel combos. The shooters feature a brand-new, low-mass/high-power Fanuc servomotor that enables acceleration with a force of .86G.

When equipped with an 18-mm screw, the 165-tonner can inject a shot as small as .63 oz at more than 35,550 psi with a maximum velocity of 13 in/sec at a 5.1-cu-in/sec rate. It also has generous room between the bars?20 by 20 inches?and a 29.5-by-29.5-inch platen. Its big brother has 28-by-28-inch tiebar spacing, a 40.6-by-40.6-inch platen, and at the same velocity it can shoot a 114g shot with 39,816 psi at a rate of 16 cu in/sec. Improvements include 10 times faster control updates, reduced-inertia injection units, a new barrel temperature controller that holds variation to within .2 deg C, and a new Windows CE-based controller. Not enough? Milacron sources say the new models are also smarter, incorporating the following artificial-intelligence refinements:

  • AI Mold Protection: Mold closing force is now divided into three discretely set zones with separate high-force limits for each.
  • AI Ejector Protection: The controller learns the best ejector force profile by monitoring the load on the eject servomotor and can stop the cycle on a dime if ejector force exceeds the high load setpoint.
  • AI Metering Function: Once an ideal recovery cycle is learned, the controller modulates screw RPM to achieve ±.2 second repeatability on every cycle, nearly eliminating part weight changes when used with the Roboshot?s signature AI Pressure Profile Control.?CK

Milacron Inc., Batavia, OH (513) 536-2000

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